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Welcome to Home Away From Home – Your Pet’s Favorite Getaway

Quality pet care servicing the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade since 2019!

You love your fur baby more than anything in this world.

I get it: there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for mine. There comes a time in every pet owner’s journey when you realize that they’ve become a truly irreplaceable part of your family. You understand more than anyone that they may only be in a portion of your life, but to them, you are their entire life.

So you want nothing more than for them to be healthy, happy, and safe every moment of their lives.

But then, at some point, it happens: you have to go on a trip you can’t take your fur baby on. The anxiety of finding someone you don’t know who you can trust to take care of your baby is overwhelming.

What if something happens? What if I’m selecting someone untrustworthy? My life will never be the same.

And you already know that most commercial boarding businesses will just keep your pet in a cage for most of their stay. The volume of their business is just too much and they simply can’t provide the kind of quality pet care and individual attention your pet deserves.

Home Away From Home would never do that to any living thing, especially not the family member you love so much.

Your dog becomes part of our family the moment they arrive, and we believe that animals don’t belong in cages. Being in a cage (other than regularly scheduled crate times for safety and cleaning) can cause an intense level of distress in an animal. It’s simply unnatural. They aren’t getting their energy out, they’re alone. It can be traumatizing to your dog and can result in lasting effects. The guilt of allowing that kind of experience may never go away.

If you’re going on vacation, they should be on vacation, too.

Servicing the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade, Home Away From Home is a dog’s dream vacation. With tons of supervised playtime, lots of room to run, other doggy friends, comfortable beds, endless cuddles and treats, and not a moment of forced crating, your baby will never want to leave. It’s true! Just look at what other amazing pet parents just like you have said about our amazing pet care:

You will be another satisfied client and your dog will thank you!

When you trust Home Away From Home to provide pet care for your baby, you give them the vacation of a lifetime.

With a caretaker that is experienced with dogs of all ages, is CPR certified, can administer medication of any kind, provides extended stays, and is lovingly referred to as a dog whisperer by friends and clients, you can enjoy your time away with the comfort of knowing your baby is in great hands.

Home Away From Home takes your pet’s safety as seriously as you do. That’s why this business is licensed and insured, and every guest receives an Apple tag attached to their collar for real-time tracking in case of an emergency. The premise is fully fenced and numerous safety gates are also installed inside the building.

Don’t be afraid to ask for regular photos and videos of your pet during their stay because all requests will be accommodated with no questions asked.

With pick-up and drop-off services available, you don’t have to go out of your way for a single moment. Just provide us with your dog’s harness, leash, supply of food, and favorite place to get premium scratches – we’ll do the rest. 

Thanks for choosing A Pet’s Home Away From Home!

Meet The Founder

Woof, meow, and hello! My name is Christy Green and I am the founder of A Pet’s Home Away From Home. I grew up on a small farm in South Carolina raising a variety of livestock as well as domestic animals. I have cared for all types of animals starting at the young age of 5 years old. I know CPR and I can administer medication of any kind, even injections. I have over 20 years of hands-on experience in learning animal behaviors and I have always been a natural at bonding with animals that others cannot. My love for animals runs deep, so you can take your trip knowing your baby is in the best pet care in Broward County. I have rescued and/or rehabilitated over 100 animals in my life and successfully rehomed them when the time came! My dream is to expand this business from my home to eventually build an animal sanctuary. I always want your babies to be excited to see me when they arrive. They deserve their own vacation as well, and that’s why I strive to truly be their home away from home.


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If this is an emergency, please call me for immediate booking consideration at (954)732-5340. Otherwise, please fill out the form below. Please answer all questions.


For multiple pets please answer the questionnaire individually for each pet. It will take you to billing after you answer the questionnaire for the first pet, just press services and start again for each additional pet. Use code WELCOME for multiple pets to receive a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dog should be wearing a snug collar with an ID tag. It is your choice to provide a harness and leash, and I will need their food and treats. I will provide beds and toys.
The pups are separated on their own in separate rooms or crated at your request.
I take between 5 to 8 dogs, depending on the day and size of the dogs.
Bookings – yes, as long as spacing allows. Cancellations – yes, and no fees for cancellation. I get it – life happens!
Yes, I am licensed and insured.
Yes, I can. If you prefer your baby to be alone, for any reason, I can accommodate you.
Yes, of course. I send them by default, but if you wish for more, just ask and you will receive them.
Yes, you will receive a refund for any incompleted services within. Please allow 3-5 business days for funds to be returned to you.
I try to be as accommodating as I can. Just call or message me directly to see what we can figure out for you.
I usually feed at 7 AM and 5 PM, but I can feed a third time for young puppies.
Every 3-5 hours until they want to go back inside, but I can let your dog out more often if you need me to.
Indefinitely. The longest stay I provided was for three years. I am able to be flexible in pricing for extended stays

Transportation fees