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Helpful Hints On How to Get Through The Teething Stage

Helpful Hints On How to Get Through The Teething Stage

Ouch! Your adorable puppy has begun his teething phase and nothing looks more gnaw-able than your fingers and toes. Getting your new fur baby to stop jamming his needle teeth into your hands can be so frustrating. You’re desperate for a solution to help him through this because you know his little gums are hurting. Here, we’ll discuss some tried and true methods to getting your puppy through his teething stage. And don’t worry; this only lasts about six months until his adult teeth come in!

How do I get my puppy to stop biting me?

While you introduce some teething methods to your puppy, he’ll still want to go for your fingers and toes. And those little razor teeth hurt! Since young puppies roughhouse by nipping each other, they don’t realize how sharp their teeth are. If a puppy hurts his peer, the response is a high-pitched yelp to tell them to back off. So go ahead – give a yelp and watch him let go! It’s true: even the American Kennel Club suggests this method, and they’re the fountain of knowledge on dogs. So this is a great way for you to communicate to your new puppy that he’s hurting you. But it’s essential that you immediately use a tool of redirection as well. Let’s talk about a few of the best teething products people have found to be very effective.

Kong Teething Puppy Toys

Every puppy teething article you find is going to mention Kong toys as the best teething remedy. Kong is super popular in the dog toy world because of how wide a variety they have. They’ve created dog toys that can withstand a whole range of aggressive chewers. They’ve also mastered the art of making sure dogs love their toys. Try filling the toy with a tasty treat like peanut butter. A frozen peanut butter-filled Kong puppy toy is a fantastic teething remedy. Keeping a few of these stocked in your freezer is a great idea to keep your teething puppy busy for hours.

Nylabone Teething Puppy Toys

Speaking of frozen teething toys, Kong has a close competitor with Nylabone. Their specific teething puppy toy is the Nylabone Chill and Chew. This product is in this related article by Rover, and they’re a great resource for information on dog care. What makes this toy different from a Kong toy is its texture. The nubby surface is great for your puppy to rub his aching gums against. Like the Kong, it also has a reservoir in it for you to insert something yummy like broth. Your puppy is sure to take an interest in the teething toy you give them if they’re getting a tasty treat at the same time! 

Bully Sticks For Teething Puppies

We covered two popular puppy teething remedies. Now let’s talk about the one that we here at A Pet’s Home Away From Home cannot recommend enough: bully sticks! Yes, it’s true. We’ve had lots of teething puppies in our care and we can attest that bully sticks were the number one winner. The beefy flavor of these things is irresistible to dogs of any age. Our toes have been spared many teething puppy nips thanks to them. They are all-natural, digestible, gentle enough on teething puppy gums, and oh-so-scrumptious! But always watch your puppy as he teethes on a bully stick, and take it away if it gets too short. Thank us later!

The Wrap-Up On Surviving The Teething Puppy Stage

We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a playful and nippy little pup in its teething stage. The good news is that these products can be lifesavers for you — and delicious pastimes for your new puppy. And rest assured knowing that it is temporary. Always remember to pair teething toys with redirection so your pup learns not to teethe on you! Most of all, remember to enjoy this stage while it lasts. The puppy days go by in a moment and you’ll miss them later. Don’t let the frustration outweigh the joy. Happy teething!